The Color of Fear

Yesterday, July 26, I attended an afternoon seminar titled “The Color of Fear”.  It was led by my friend, Chaplain Dr. Steven F Smith, and held at Valley Baptist Hospital in Harlingen (a sister border town).

Going in, I knew that the topic was going to be about racism, but I didn’t know that it was going to cover so much material in such a short amount of time.  The session lasted 3 hours, including a break in the middle.  The presentation was very thought-provoking, included self-questions, and ended with group compassion.  All that in 3 hours.  It was a great seminar.

If you ever feel the need to approach racism within a group/class setting, and want to see positive results before the session is over, I recommend you consider this seminar.  Steven would like to make this seminar available to others, and will gladly talk to anyone who may be interested.  He can be contacted at:  Dr. Steven F. Smith,, (work) 956-389-6753.

ColorOfFear Seminar18

“Color of Fear” class 2018 with Dr. Smith (purple)


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